After much consideration, and a small amount of stress, we arrived in Split, Croatia on March 24th. We had originally planned to be here in July 2020 to meet my son and his family – his mother-in-law is Croatian. However, COVID19 put an end to that but we made it eventually.

Despite the initial scramble to find somewhere to undertake the obligatory PCR test, we were soon parked up in our first campsite and very quickly falling in love with this spectacular country. I am again telling the story with photos to save you reading and imagining the sights – you get to see them as we did.

Everywhere we went we were greeted by very friendly and helpful people, whether they were our hosts at small family-run campsites or strangers on a bus offering their contact details in case we needed anything or ex-pat Brits who chatted to us on a ferry and invited us to theirs for a BBQ or fellow motorhomers also experiencing this amazing country. The experience of the food and of course the obligatory welcome Rakija drink demonstrates the epitome of Croatian hospitality.

Our highlights were of course discovering the delights of Dubrovnik without the thousands of cruise ship tourists usually there, experiencing the majesty of both the Krka and Plitvice National Parks, visiting the islands of Ugljan, Pasman, and Krk, touring the Istrian peninsular, and taking a cruise from its southern tip around islands and seeing dinosaur remnants, seeing the Roman ruins and beautiful sunsets and walking beneath forest canopies and enjoying the wildlife.

We had almost 8 weeks in Croatia and got to celebrate Bob’s birthday with a traditional Croatian fish dish at a small restaurant on the island of Pasman. There was also an amazing fish lunch in Split, a couple of memorable pizza lunches, and of course cevapi and fresh oysters. I’d have to say I also enjoyed the red wine and Bob found a few new favourite beers.

This was an exceptional experience that even the challenge of my many experiences of vertigo in response to so many high and steep places could not daunt. We would both return in a heartbeat given half a chance.

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